9 Things That Only Ahrefs Can Do ????

  • What makes Ahrefs better than the competition? This video outlines 9 flex-worthy features that you won’t find anywhere else.
    The SEO tools industry is a very competitive marketplace. In order to stay competitive, you need to continue innovating.
    And that’s what we do :)
    The 9 features covered in this video are by no means exhaustive (no mentions of Alerts, Rank Tracker or Site Audit tools). But they outline unique features to Ahrefs that you won’t find in any other toolset today.
    Here’s a full list of features that are covered in this video (with timestamps):
    1. Generate millions of keyword ideas across 170 countries (0:58)
    2. Our unique “Newly Discovered” keywords report (1:54)
    3. See the traffic estimations for ALL pages ranking in the top 10 for any keyword (2:57)
    4. Analyze SERP Volatility for keywords (4:11)
    5. See the ranking history of ALL of your pages for ANY keyword (5:17)
    6. Find “content gap” opportunities at the subfolder and/or page level (6:11)
    7. Content Explorer - Our mini search engine made for marketers (8:23)
    8. The ability to monitor your website’s outbound links (ie. finding toxic links) (10:01)
    9. See the historical referring domains for any website or page (10:52)
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