The All NEW Content Explorer 2.0 By Ahrefs

  • We (Ahrefs) released a new version of Content Explorer in our suite of SEO tools. See the features in action and how it can help in your content marketing and link building efforts.
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    Content Explorer by Ahrefs allows you to search our database of over 1 billion pages and discover popular topics across the web.
    The best part is that you get all of the social and SEO metrics for every page. Use the data and customer filters to find low-hanging content ideas and link building opportunities for your own website.
    In this tutorial, you’ll learn some of the new features we’ve included into our Content Explorer tool and how you can use them to maximize your content marketing success.
    Here is a list of some of the new features in Content Explorer (with timestamps):
    1. Visually analyze trends for any topic (0:47)
    2. Analyze a brand's popularity over time (1:11)
    3. Reverse engineer your competitors' content marketing strategies (1:45)
    4. Find broken link building opportunities by topic (2:27)
    5. Find outdated content opportunities for "Skyscraper" link building (4:17)
    6. Workflow and efficiency tips to analyze a domain's content (5:35)
    7. Find bloggers worth recruiting as freelance writers (6:26)
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