Advanced Keyword Research Tips to Find Untapped Keywords

  • In this tutorial, you’ll learn a few advanced keyword research tips to find untapped keyword opportunities.
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    When doing keyword research you’ll usually start with a broad seed, toss it into a keyword research tool, go to a keyword ideas report, and then pick a needle from the haystack.
    While there’s nothing wrong with this method, it’s likely that everyone will be finding the same keywords and ignoring tons of perfectly good opportunities.
    But there are ways to find untapped keyword opportunities where competition is low, but search traffic potential is medium to high.
    An untapped keyword is one that's flown under the radar. It still has search demand but is less competitive than the obvious targets.
    Finding golden keyword opportunities is more about identifying patterns and then using your keyword research skills to follow a rabbit hole which can often lead you to an opportunity, a detour, and sometimes a dead end.
    But you need to follow the rabbit hole to find out.
    So, in this video, you’ll learn these tactics on finding untapped keyword opportunities.
    ► Look at competitors’ low competition topics
    ► Identify unique keyword modifiers
    ► Look for uncommon seeds
    ► Find “vs” and “review” keywords
    You’ll learn all the steps required to execute these tactics.
    0:00 Intro
    1:32 Look at competitors' low competition topics
    3:30 Identify unique keyword modifiers
    5:52 Look for uncommon seeds
    7:51 Find "vs" and "review" keywords at scale
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