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  • In SEO, Ahrefs is one of the best tools to do keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more. In this complete Ahrefs tutorial for beginners, learn how to use Ahrefs in Hindi with full guidance.
    00:00:00 Introduction to Ahrefs keyword Explorer
    00:22:33 Site Explorer Tool in Ahrefs
    00:38:29 Adding project & Rank Tracking feature
    00:49:38 Exploring content Explorer Feature in Ahrefs
    00:58:12 Domain Comparison Tool in Ahrefs explained
    01:03:09 Batch Analysis Tool in Ahrefs explained
    01:08:01 Link Intersecting Tool in Ahrefs explained
    01:15:30 Site Audit Tool in Ahrefs explained
    01:25:59 Advanced Site Audit Tool
    01:36:22 Some tips & Tricks in tool
    01:43:30 Alerts & API Feature in Ahrefs
    ???? Ahrefs Explained in Simple Terms
    For those wondering what is Ahrefs, it is an online tool for search engine optimization. It has various useful features and functionalities, allowing you to do keyword research, analyze competitors, check backlinks, track ranks for specific keywords, and audit the complete website for SEO. This is one of the most used SEO tools today.
    ???? What is The Use of Ahrefs Tool?
    Though we have explained all the uses in this complete Ahrefs tutorial for beginners, here are some of the primary applications:
    • Analysis of backlinks
    • Ahrefs keyword research for Google, YouTube, Amazon
    • Track keyword rankings
    • Check SEO health and status of the website
    • Content research
    In 2011, Ahrefs tool was released primarily for backlink checking of competitors. Over the years, it has progressed and gained popularity.
    ???? Who Should Use Ahrefs Tool?
    • SEO professionals
    • Business owners and individuals who do their own website’s SEO
    • SEO companies working for clients
    • Affiliate marketers
    • Bloggers
    ???? How to Use Ahrefs?
    Coming to the main question- how to use Ahrefs for keyword research, backlinks, YouTube, competitor analysis, and other relevant purposes?
    Watch this complete Ahrefs Tutorial for Beginners for the answer.
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