On-Page SEO Pt 2: How to Optimize a Page for a Keyword - 2.2. SEO Course by Ahrefs

  • In lesson 2.2 of our SEO basics course, you’ll learn how to optimize a page for a keyword.
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    With on-page SEO, there are two main things we need to cover.
    The first is to ensure that your page satisfies search intent.
    You’ve already learnt the 3 Cs’ of search intent. But what do you need to write about in order to satisfy searchers? The answer is to learn from your competitors’ pages.
    The top-ranking pages are ranking at the top for a reason. Google and other search engines deem them as the best candidates to satisfy a searcher’s query. So they’re clearly doing something right, at least from the perspective of a search engine.
    You’ll learn how to research your competitors’ content in the video.
    Once you’re armed with information, you can begin with your “technical” on-page optimizations. These will be:
    ► Target keyword in the title
    ► Short and descriptive URL slug
    ► Meta description
    ► Add internal links
    ► Optimize and compress your images
    ► Optimize for readability
    We’ll go through each point in more detail in the video.
    1:12 Ensure your page satisfies searcher intent
    1:40 Learn from your competitors
    5:05 Do a content gap analysis
    7:10 Include your target keyword in the title
    7:46 Use a short and descriptive URL slug
    8:26 Craft your meta description
    10:21 Optimize your images
    12:31 Optimize for readability
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