Complete Advanced Link Building Course by Ahrefs

  • Learn how to build backlinks in our complete link building course for advanced SEOs.
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    In this free link building course, you’ll learn how to find link prospects, write personalized outreach emails, and validate your link building campaigns efficiently and for scale.
    Here’s a list of lessons in this link building training:
    ► The role of content in link building
    ► Competitor analysis and how a page got its links
    ► Finding your seed prospects
    ► Growing the list of prospects with "lookalike prospects"
    ► Segmenting your link prospects for scale
    ► Vetting and validating your link prospects
    ► Who's the "best" person to pitch for a backlink
    ► Starting link building campaigns with the "blitz list"
    ► How to choose the best link outreach approach
    ► Hybrid approach for scaling "value" in email outreach
    ► Writing 'non-templated' email outreach templates
    ► Structuring and hiring your link building team
    ► Creating a link building system
    On top of that, you'll learn how to create, structure, and manage a team for maximum efficiency and scale your link building process.
    Best of all, you'll be able to put what you've learned into action and get an over-the-shoulder view of how the link building campaign works in reality.
    0:00 Intro
    1:08 The Role of Content in Link Building
    8:34 Competitor Analysis: Understanding How a Page Got Backlinks
    19:34 How to Find Your Seed Prospects
    25:50 How to Grow Your List of Prospects With “Lookalike Prospects”
    34:58 How to Segment Link Prospects for Scale
    40:35 How to Vet and Validate Link Prospects (Fast)
    47:28 Who's the “Best” Person to Pitch for a Backlink?
    50:29 The Blitz List: How to Start Link Building Campaigns Fast
    56:47 3 Link Outreach Approaches: Which One’s Best?
    1:01:01 Hybrid Outreach: Scaling “Value” in Email Outreach
    1:06:28 How to Write Email Outreach Templates That Don’t Sound Templated
    1:19:49 How to Structure and Hire Your Link Building Team
    1:26:02 How to Create a Link Building System
    1:33:51 A Link Building Team's Workflow in Action
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