How to Check Website Top Pages Rank in Ahrefs | How to use Ahrefs - Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool

  • How to Check Website Top Pages Rank in Ahrefs | How to use Ahrefs - Free Keyword Rank Checker Tool
    Access Site Explorer: Go to and enter the website domain you want to analyze.
    Navigate to top pages: Click the "Top Pages" report in the left sidebar.
    View top pages by traffic: The report will display a list of the website's top pages, ranked from highest to lowest based on their estimated organic traffic.
    Analyze page metrics: For each page, you'll see:
    1. URL
    2. Topic
    3. organic traffic
    4. keyword
    5. Referring Domains
    6. Backlink
    7. Ahrefs Rank (AR)
    8. URL Rating (UR)
    2. Using Rank Tracker:
    Create a Project: Set up a project in Rank Tracker to track specific keywords for a website.
    Monitor Rankings: Rank Tracker will automatically track the rankings of your chosen keywords over time, showing you which pages rank for them.
    View Top Ranking Pages: For each keyword, you can see the top-ranking pages (including your own) along with their SEO metrics in the “SERP Overview” section.
    3. Using Keyword Explorer:
    Enter a keyword: Go to and enter the keyword you are interested in.
    View Top Ranking Pages: The report will display the top ranking pages for that keyword along with their SEO metrics.
    additional features:
    Filters and Segments: Filter the Top Pages report by keywords, traffic, or other metrics using the "Filter" button.
    Compare progress: Compare the historical performance of top pages using the "Position" graph.
    View rankings by country: View rankings for specific countries using the "Country" dropdown.
    Analyze title changes: Use the "Title Changes" tab to see how page titles have changed over time.
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