Low Competition Niches with High Earnings Potential

  • In today’s video you’ll learn about five niches with high earnings potential and low competition, backed by real data and examples.
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    Competitive niches are attractive because of their earnings potential. But it doesn’t mean that low-competition niches can’t be profitable.
    If you don’t have enough resources, it’s better to start in a sub-niche with lower competition, build some authority to your site, and then niche up as you grow.
    When choosing the five low-competition niches, we wanted to find out the following things:
    - if a niche has a decent market size
    - if there’s a clear cut way to monetize the site
    - if there’s a search market for low competition keywords
    - if there are low-authority websites getting a good amount of search traffic for relevant topics
    Watch the video to learn more about how we analyzed these things.
    Now, let’s get to our niches. The first one is test preparation for graduate and professional schools.
    Students usually don’t want to just pass an exam. They want the highest rates so they can apply to reputable schools. As a result, they spend tons of money on test prep.
    How would you monetize this niche? You’ll learn how from the video.
    The next niche is snowboarding equipment.
    This niche had a market size of over a half a million dollars in 2020. And despite the fact that snowboarding equipment is generally pretty expensive, you can still enter this niche by creating an affiliate site.
    Watch the video to learn about low-competition topics for this niche.
    The next niche is also in sports: golf equipment.
    Golf equipment is pretty expensive too so it’s better to start off with an affiliate site, just like the snowboarding equipment niche.
    The video will show you how to get started in the niche.
    The next niche is baby products. Besides affiliate products, one can monetize through info products.
    Want to learn how to scale those monetization methods? Watch the video.
    The final niche is daily fantasy sports. This niche often gets ignored by SEOs because it falls into the larger industry of sports betting or gambling.
    How can you cope with this controversial but profitable niche? Learn from this video.
    0:00 Intro
    1:56 Four aspects when choosing a niche
    3:55 Niche #1: Test preparation for graduate schools
    6:49 Niche #2: Snowboarding equipment
    9:22 Niche #3: Golf equipment
    11:53 Niche #4: Baby products
    14:40 Niche #5: Daily fantasy sports
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