7 best tools for SEO analysis

In simpler words, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means a combination of several processes which have been adopted to help a particular website in achieving the best possible rank in the search engines. Unless your company has a website which offers truly exclusive products, you continuously need to better your SEO aspects and also keep inventing new ways to hold on to a noticeable place in the search engine. Some search engines offer paid service. But the better-known search engines like Yahoo, Google, and MSN use software programs which are automated and are known as bots or spiders. Other search engines such as AOL prefer accessing the Google database for the search results.

There are lots of factors which play a crucial role when the aim is to get a good position in the search engines. The internal factors include keywords, the density of the keywords, the structure of the website, Meta tags, title tag, etc. While the external factors include anchor text, link importance, and inbound links.

The SEO operators aim to make a good analysis of your website and then inject some on-page as well as off-page factors of optimization to make your site easily accessible to the users. The use of SEO techniques to make a site rank highly is always encouraged by Google. Your primary duty is to check yourself the areas where there is a need for improvement before you start concerning about the position of your site in the search engines. For analyzing your website, you can use the SEO tools which Google provides for free.

Best free SEO anallysis tools 2018

1.Google Analytics

This software is designed in such a way that it will turn your webpage into a profit generator. This is particularly useful for the online marketers. This free tool will enable you to track your visitors from your referrers such as pay-per-click campaigns, marketing via email, backward links, search engines, etc. The analysis tools are truly advanced, and they utilize multiple dimensions, filtering and pivot tables to give you an idea of the exact position of your site.

2.Google Website Optimizer

This free optimization tool enables testing of the website. This tool enables you to track the maximum traffic towards your website. It also provides you with some solid feedback on the elements which have been working in your site. You can increase your online profit by making the required changes in the button sizes, page layout, placements of shopping cart and navigation within site.

3.Google Webmasters

It informs you about how the Google Spider is viewing your site. It also enables you to analyze that which of your site links is drawing you the maximum amount of traffic, and block the other ones which are not required. And if you want your customers to find you on the sitemaps of Google, you can certainly provide your URL to ensure better accessibility and visibility.

4.Google Ad Words

Those working with SEO are aware of the fact that keywords lay the foundation for getting a website searched when a query is placed. Hence, only with the help of keywords, you will be able to reach one step above on Google’s top results every time. Of course, you might be capable enough to make up a list of keywords on your own, but that is just shots being fired from the gun in the dark. I am very sure that these ideas might not be of help as compared to what we get through these tools.

5.SEO Book’s Rank Checker

If you want to find out if the SEO applied is working in the right way or not. Then you require the help of a good rank checking tool that helps you to know the current rankings of your website. This tool works well with both Google Chrome and Firefox. All you have to do is just to run the checking ranks. You can then get all the exported data which is submitted by the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. You need to enter the URL of your website and the type of keywords you are looking in for. Just wait for few minutes, and the rank checker tool will display some of the results along with your rankings. This tool too is user-friendly and works as fast as ever.

6.SEO Profiler

Another tool that you can go in for is SEO Profiler that gives you the perfect ranking of your website when searched for. This tool here helps you to monitor the working of your web pages in most of the search engines. You can also call this tool a spy tool since it keeps a check on most of your web pages and permits you to access some of the popular backlinks and keywords.

7.SEO Power Suite

Both big and small business enterprises consider the last preferred tool here since it has the capability of getting updated every time. You do not have to break your brains into finding the right keywords since this tool suggests you with some of the best keywords almost every day. It also gives you other suggestions and customized tips for page optimization

So don’t wait, take advantage of these best SEO tools 2018 to take your business to the next level.